by Forestfather



Hereafter MCD


released October 18, 2012

Kveldulf: Songwriting, All Guitars, Fretless Bass
Michael Rumple: Vocals, Lyrics
Jared Moran: Drums



all rights reserved


Forestfather Lynchburg, Virginia

Forestfather began in mid-1998 as a death/black/folk metal band, The band was completely private until 2007 when the first recordings began (2 demos and 1 unreleased Ep)

Finally in 2012, the MCD 'Hereafter' was released with a new lineup: Kveldulf on Guitars/Bass, Michael Rumple on vocals and Jared Moran on drums.

The band is currently working on their next album.
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Track Name: Inner Ascension/Those Years Passed
I've walked a lifetime for some
The early years blending into one bitter ascension
Relations come and go, but ours' set in stone
By our youthful games in the hidden grove

In time, the bond of two became the love of four
As children, we shared in hazy bliss
And with the weathering of decades
We become the shelter for one another

O, my dearest friend
I see the damage searing into your soul
The loss of your father, you could not understand
The loss of your mother, near too much to bear

But she, your love, will be here to guide you
As shall I, within the shadows of the past

How quickly those years have passed
An ascension which brought us to the highest peak
Gazing innocently at life, distorted perceived perfection
But after the climb comes the fall

The Fall, how fitting a name
When the leaves on the trees wither and blow away
The trees in our grove seem dead then
But that was when I found the key...

O, my dearest friend
I can see that the damage of a brief lifetime
Has left you buried in the dying leaves of autumn
The loss of your only love, it was too much to bear

Then there were only three...
Track Name: The Emerald Key
Now that the initial pains have settled
Your eyes seem lost in a somber haze
You seem to gaze within, in a waking slumber
Sedated by the breath of time

I escape the burden of loss in these woods of my youth
The wind sings through the trees, a song which gently soothes

On the first eve of autumn I wandered its depths
The grove whispered its secrets through the falling leaves
Upon a stone, there it did lay
A key of emerald, docile yet arcane

I wish you well, but I'll not dwell in your solitude
In the embers of a dying season, the secrets of the grove bring wonder to my eyes anew

Falling further into nostalgic fantasy
The light of the moon paves the path through a maze of branches
Guiding me towards the inner light

Streaming beams of twilight illuminate the shadows of the heart
Falling further into the mysteries of a deeper peace

And there again I saw for the first time, or so perceived
The door to a freedom so long passed
The key unchaining the burden which you've cast
Track Name: Ethereal
Blazing fields of brilliant gold
Perfection untouched by realities hold
On an ever-fading perception
Of the allure of a life before

Far before the pains of grace
The strain of guilt
The agony of death
The flow of time

I'll lay down the pain of the past
Its unchanging tormenting state
How selfish I must be
I care not with the surreal light
Of a new sun piercing the haze
And landing softly before my gaze
Track Name: All Tears to Come
Soaring through sacred serenity
Face the sordid waters of reality
Face the burden of consequence
Headlong rush from blissful abandon
I face the scars left upon the mortal plane
Is my absence the cause of your streaming pain?

A face from the past haunts the waters below
Reflecting the innocence of a younger soul
Can I further poison a darker blood?
Can I live knowing all the tears to come?
Track Name: The Days Ever-Done
The return trip to mortality was bittersweet
But the severance of your final bond
T' would be more than you could bear
My roots run deeper than those in this land
Be it the fatality of nostalgia or impassioned empathy

I do not deserve this blissful light as much as thee
"Heaven" sends me to dress your sordid wounds
The ones that time does not heal
The ones that time draws near

I'll light a new fire within my own heart
To rekindle the flames in your fallen shell

This is not our end
But ignites the brilliant blaze of my tomorrow
There's no more need for your sorrow
For those days are ever-done